Justin Liu
UI/UX Designer


As you can see, I am about to begin my career as a designer.

For me, design is a blend of art and function. My goal is to design products that are visually appealing, functionally intuitive, and effective. 

Hello, I'm Justin, and I am a
Designer • Learner • Contributor
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About me
I'm Justin, originally from China, and currently based in Boston.
I graduated with a B.F.A. in Interactive Design in 2022, with a focus on User Experience Design from Lesley College of Art and Design, Cambridge, MA. I received Summa Cum Laude (with the highest honor) and a 4.0 GPA. Outside of school, I worked at LLM Design agency, and Freshcut Paper as a Design Intern.
Currently, I work as a graphic designer for the Boston Planning Development Agency (City of Boston).
Graduated in Boston, 2022
I love ideas and creative solutions.
I find joy in the act of contemplation and the development of original ideas. I take pleasure in pondering novel approaches to real problems and exploring new business ideas and creative solution to challenges.
Never stop learning.
I bring a strong work ethic along with a desire to contribute and learn. I'm currently interested in learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
Design excites me.
I believe design is a combination of art and function, and as a designer, my goal is to design visually appealing products that are also functionally intuitive and effective. It brings me joy and keeps me looking forward to what I can achieve.
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Hard skill
Adobe Creative Suite
Graphic Design
User Research
Adobe XD
soft skill
Hi. I'm BJ.
Age: 5             Gender: boy
My trick: Rollover
I'm just a 5 years old boy who wants attention that's all.
If you wanna say hi to me, we can be reached at Justinliudesign@gmail.com, and on social platforms.
Beyond design.
Besides designing exciting things, I love spending time with my little pug and hanging out with friends.